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Thank you for your response Bel, no problem on the response time, just glad to hear from you.  Thank you for all of the information.  I will be checking it out. I would probably want to live away from the city if possible and off the land as you are doing. That would be my main reason for getting away from this mess. It's gotten too insane for me.  The reason I got into all of this conspiracy research was that I knew that there was something that was wrong, even from an early age. There is most definitely something that is stirring on racial hatred in the USA and all throughout the world, trying to get everyone to fight each other and start wars.  If it weren't for the internet most people probably wouldn't figure this out.  I hear people saying that humanity needs to evolve which I agree with, but the constant pushing of everyone's buttons doesn't help.  If people endlessly bring up things to foster fighting then they continually cause conflicts. My solution is to find good people and chill out, away from all the craziness.

What you said about the Red Hair thing is interesting, and I've heard they come from a special line that believes they have the divine right to rule the world.  Here is an interesting video for you.  Sometimes I think that humanity has already been taken over/replaced by robots and Artificial intelligence in key positions or Archontic infestation.  Cheers friend,