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— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
"reloct-a-nartion" ....
good stuff!  If only folks understood the stakes.

This thread was quite accidentally started - I was responding from email server to a comment of Erics' ...
and voila... it created itself ... as a kind of 'ghost post' ...

which I guess serves rather aptly ... for this phase in which a 'ghostly' wester world restlessly enters its' fatal embrace of talmudic hell. I've no interest in continuing this platform past its' point of utility, but it seems like a handy place has been manufactured via this ghost post... to set a few parting thoughts and summations on their way... as a final kind of 'message in a bottle.'

First off... in the aftermath of Tuesdays' lunar eclipse... not visible to the wester world but muchly so here... there is a finality effect kicking in. It brings many paths to completion... and wonderfully coincides, not just with my sudden upending - July 16 2016 - three years back... when I became called upon to deliver the only  real dispatches about the phony coup by which the TERROR STATE arrived to Anatolia...

but bookends the entire interval of the west's hollowing out and final take down...

via the lunar eclipse of July 16 2000. Just like at that time, minding my own business[literally!]staying successfully dumb and blind to the machinations of the talmudic culture war all around me...

I was about to be thrown into a whole deconstruction of what I had supposed my 'reality' to be... one year later on September 11th! In the intervening 19 years, I've not only reconstructed my personal reality in a radical and muchly unexpected manner... I've done a considerable amount of reconstructing the 'reality' of historical phenomena I never expected to be questioning.

I learned in 2016 that there is no 'alternative' to the ONEMEDIA which controls ALL information channels. And that the 'real' is dead, replaced by simulacra of 'events' reported by fake news personalities hired to populate theatrical productions. The biggest of which is.... THE TRUMP DECEPTION.

That is the man who is willingly leading you into a talmudic hell realm. It's a one way trip.

Yes... 'reincarnating' ones' ever-luvin soul' and simply leaving this tortured temporal/spatial plane would I suppose, be the ideal plan. "Relocation" of that fundamental type is not an option however apparently. But
what's key to realize here - and plainly I've come to see - will NOT be comprehended by the intended benificiaries no matter how many times.... how many ways I point it out...

is that the ultimate purpose of all this talmudic kabbalist b.s. is to STEAL souls and torture victims. Possibly endlessly.

How's that sound?

You're about to find out first hand.

My cycle has completed. I've delivered the 'goods'... and had a pretty good time doing it.

I'm outta here. Best of luck.